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Can I Drive the Delorean?

Due to insurance reasons, no one is allowed to drive the Delorean except the owner. If your event requires the Delorean to be moving, please contact us. There may be some tricks we can use to make it look like you are driving the Delorean.

Where's the Flux Capacitor?

All rentals are for a stock Delorean with a grey interior. Just how they rolled off the factory floor in Ireland. We are currently in process of working on time machine rentals. Check back soon!

Why is there a Contract?

All bookings require the signing of a contract with specifics to date and time, location and other insurance information. This ensures that the vehicle is safe from damage.

What about Refunds?

Once a deposit is received, the balance is due before the event starts and the Delorean is delivered. The Delorean will not be delivered if the contract is not paid in full before the event starts. A refund will be provided if the customer contacts us 48 hours before the event starts. No refunds, including deposit, will be given if we are not contacted 48 hours before the event starts.

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