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About Us

I bought my dream car a few years ago, a 1981 Delorean DMC-12. Although it took me many years to acquire, I wanted one ever since I was a little kid after watching the Back to the Future franchise. After fixing it from an owner that neglected it. I started driving the car around Las Vegas and boy, is it an attention grabber. Aside from all the Back to the Future jokes and general misconceptions around the car, I loved talking to people about the Delorean. I would have endless conversations with people at gas stations or at car shows but, I wanted the public to appreciate the car and all classic cars of years past.

Driving in Las Vegas, I get requests for photos and endless comments. “I just showed my son Back to the Future for the first time” “My son and I just saw Ready Player One!” I wanted to connect showcase the car to customers who wanted a Delorean for their wedding or event. I want to allow people to make memories in a car from a different time.

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