Las Vegas DeLorean Rental

1982 DeLorean for rent in Las Vegas for conventions, 80s parties, trade shows, corporate gigs, weddings, filming, photography, or private parties.

Rent a DeLorean to display at your Event!

The iconic and beautiful stainless steel, gull-wing DeLorean ALWAYS gets attention!

Awesome Photo Op

People love taking photos with, the DeLorean. Guests aren't allowed in the car, but the photos are still awesome!

Las Vegas Based

The DeLorean is located in Las Vegas, so there's no added, hidden, or surprise transportation or mileage fees.

Unique and Fun!

Back to the Future made the DeLorean more than just a car. Or course, the gull-wing doors help too.

Favorite Photos

Here are just a few of the favorite photos of DMC #10515

Learn about the DeLorean

How many DeLoreans were built? How much do they weigh? Learn more about the DeLorean.

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