What kind of engine do DeLoreans have?

The DeLorean is equipped with the PRV V6 engine. But, the history of the PRV power plant is bigger than the DeLorean. Designed as a pan-European engine to compete with the Small Block Chevy, the PRV was co-engineered as a cooperative engineering effort between Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo (hence the name.) It’s a completely modular engine in every sense of the word. Externally the lower crank case section is swappable to accept different sized and shaped oil pans and motor mounts, depending on which vehicle the engine was supposed to be installed into, as well as up top cylinder heads accepting carburetors, and port fuel injection, as well as the ability to fit dual overhead cams. Internally the engines utilizes wet-jacket sleeves for the cylinders, where the cylinder liners are suspended in coolant. These can easily be swapped out to modify displacement of the engine without having to bore it out.

In the DeLorean, the PRV has an output of 130 bhp (brake horsepower.) However, this number has been increased significantly for the PRV in other modified applications to over 300 bhp for production cars such as the Venturi Atlantique, and in excess of 900 bhp for professional racing applications, such as Peugeot WM 88 for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where the engine has run, won, and even set a still unbroken speed record in 1988.