Rent a DeLorean in Las Vegas, Nevada for your convention, trade show, or corporate event! DMC #10515 is located in Las Vegas, NV and is available by the day or week. The DeLorean, with its gull-wing doors and stainless steel panels always draws a crowd! This is a factory original DeLorean DMC-12, and is a timeless classic that always makes people smile. You’ll get a lot of attention with a DeLorean at your booth.


  • Half-day (0-5 hours) = $488
  • Full-day (5-10 hours) = $855
  • Each overnight = regular rate +$121
  • Call for longer rentals

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  • 50% minimum payment is due on confirmation of date and time. No refund on cancellations less than 48 hours.
  • Balance due on arrival via check or credit card swipe.
  • Rental is for fixed display only. Only the owner will be driving the car.
  • Posted rates are for displaying the car only, not for getting in and out of the car. Ask for details.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, owner will remain onsite with the car to answer questions.


  • Can our guests take photos inside the car?
    • Most of the time, no. The biggest reason is that the turn-signal stalk can be easily broken, and people tend to use the steering wheel to get out of the car, which can damage a few different parts, which can cost a fair amount of time and money to repair.
    • If you really want people getting in and out of the car, a 100% markup of the normal rate would cover the wear-and-tear, plus you’d still be responsible for any damages and repairs to the DeLorean.
  • Can I drive it?
    • On extremely rare occasions, I’ll allow a renter to drive the DeLorean – but even then, it would be just in a parking lot or closed area, and usually just for filming that requires the subject to be seen driving the car. Or, if a new bride and groom wish to “drive away” in the DeLorean, we would first need to look at the location to determine if they can drive away just in the parking lot, without going on public roads. The cost of repairs to a DeLorean can add up very quickly, and I just don’t want to put that burden on someone else. If I were to approve it, it was be a 100% markup of the normal rate, plus you’d still be responsible for any damages and repairs to the DeLorean. Oh, and I would verify that you can drive stick – if you aren’t proficient, then it’s a hard no.

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