Are DeLoreans hard to fix?

It depends on the skill set of the mechanic performing the work. But overall, no, they are actually rather easy to work on in many respects. Firstly, the engine compartment is rather cavernous. Particularly when compared to modern cars. There are very few instances where bolts or components are difficult to access, but that’s the case with most cars. In fact, you’re usually able to get an entire arm in to where you need to reach. While K-Jetronic fuel injection does require a bit of education and some specialty tools to repair and tune, it’s not different from any other cars of the era, and not impossible for most people.

Second is the parts supply, of which the DeLorean has a leg-up on even some modern cars. The principal behind the design was to make everything the you can see or touch to be unique to the car. But mechanical, the DeLorean was intended to use as many ‘off the shelf’ parts as possible. In addition, when DeLorean Motor Company closed its doors, they left behind a large number of parts that are generally available today. (The “left over parts” were actually the cars that were not produced after the bankruptcy.) And thankfully, there are a number of DeLorean Parts and Service centers around the world who sell parts and maintain the DeLorean.

Overall the DeLorean can be a very reliable car, even by modern standards. But remember, it’s still an old car, and needs maintenance like any vehicle.